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A pronoun can replace a noun or even another pronoun…

Pronouns-such as ‘he’, ‘she’ and ‘none’- can make sentences less cumbersome and repetitive.

There are several different types of pronouns, such as personal, indefinite and intensive.

Types of pronouns:

Personal- Personal pronouns actually divide into three separate categories, objective, subjective and possessive, but overall they can be defined as pronouns that refer to a specific person or thing and changes its form to indicate person, gender, number and case. Objective indicates that the pronoun is acting as the object of a verb e.g. ‘he’, ‘she’ and ‘them’. Subjective indicates that the pronoun is acting as the subject of the sentence e.g. ‘I’, ‘we’ and ‘they’. Possessive indicates that the pronoun is acting as a marker of possession and defines who owns an object or person e.g. ‘mine’, ‘yours’ and ‘theirs’.

Demonstrative- Demonstrative pronouns identify a noun or pronoun e.g. ‘this’ and ‘these’ (referring to objects close in space and time) and ‘that’ and ‘those’ (referring to objects far away in space and time).

Interrogative- Interrogative pronouns are used to ask questions e.g. ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘which’.

Relative- Relative pronouns are used to link on phrase or clause to another phrase or clause e.g. ‘who’ and ‘where’ (you may invite whomever you want to the party, for example).

Indefinite- Indefinite pronouns refer to an identifiable but unspecified person or thing e.g. ‘all’, ‘another’, ‘many’ and ‘everything’.

Reflexive- Reflexive pronouns refer back to the subject of the clause or sentence e.g. ‘myself’, ‘themselves’ and ‘itself’.

Intensive- Intensive pronouns are used to emphasis their antecedents. They are identical in form to reflexive pronouns e.g. ‘I myself believe that…’

Baking a cake, or, the art of writing

I’d like, if I may, to compare the experience of writing a book to that of baking a cake. You see, they actually seem quite similar and I quite like the analogy. Not sure what I’m going on about? Read on…

What do you need to make a cake? You need to first get the recipe and the ingredients. For a book, these are your characters, your plot, your research. Where do your characters live? What are they like? What ingredients do you need for your cake and what do you need to do, in short.

Then comes the harder part. You’ve got everything you need so you start mixing it all together. You need to play around, mix different ingredients, smooth out the bumps and work hard to get the different and separate ingredients mixed together into something that resembles cake; or a book in our case.

This isn’t the end though. Now you need to put it in the oven and wait until people show an interest in it. It smells good, people gather. Tell your friends, tell some publishers; they might want a slice.

Then, you give it to people to try. This might be your first draft, it might be your 70th. Maybe you burnt the others, maybe they didn’t come out right. Whatever it is, let people read it and take their opinions into consideration. They didn’t like the taste? Then make another one, re-write it. Make sure that you listen to what they said and do that bit right this time. Keep checking and writing and giving slices of it to people until it’s right, until it’s the best cake that anyone has ever tasted.

And then? Well, people might be enjoying your special recipe and love eating your beloved cake but cakes get stale very quickly. The solution? Bake another one! Keep going, keep writing and, perhaps most importantly, keep experimenting. Would this ingredient work, would that?

Now, I’m not saying that writing is as simple as baking a cake because it isn’t. You don’t have a recipe to follow, you don’t know what might work or what might not so you have to keep going, keep writing and keep trying and, who knows? Maybe one day you’ll make that cake that makes the whole world hungry for more.


After reading an old newspaper article from 100 years ago and then reading one from the present day, I feel compelled to ask this: Where did we lose our love of language? Both articles were about fire but the one written 100 years ago used phrases like “The fire brigade proceeded to the scene, where they remained until the evening, playing upon the fire with a plentiful supply of water.” and “[The fire] rivalled in splendour the Coronation bonfire, there being no mist to dim the spectacle.” while the present day article merely said “… the [fire]crew used a hosereel on the hedge, dousing the blaze in about half an hour.”

Where did we lose the flowery language? I think that the first article, while making me chuckle slightly at the phrasing, is far better and shows respect and love for words. I don’t know about you but I would prefer to read more articles and books like those of old than many that are written today because we seem to have lost our way with language somewhat and I think that’s a shame.

This one might need a bit of an explanation… You see, it was late, I was very, very, very tired and I had a bit of writer’s block. So, I decided to try writing just randomly to try a clear it! Anyway, it all went a bit strange and mixed up and this is the result… Try to enjoy :) Oh, and my spelling was a bit all over the place as well so I apologise!

Just write the first thing that comes to mind. Anything at all, be it man, fish or mineral. Or of course poofish. You never do know do ya? Well, anyway, as I was saying, you never quite know when the next good idea will appear. It could be this one. Or this one. Or the one that just flew by on a pink bicycle. Yes of course bicycles fly. Just like pigs on a blue moon. I wonder what a blue moon tastes like? Blue cheese, that does exist I think. Maybe it’s Gorgonzolla or Stilton. Mmm…. Cheese…. I nearly wrote chess then! Let’s see, chess. That’s pawns, castles or rooks, queen, king, countrymen, brothers… Oops, no, slipping into Shakespeare then. Oo! That could sound wrong couldn’t it? Ooh shush you! Oops, now I’m talking to myself. Good job you’re here or I’d go totally crazy ahahahhahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Five exclamation marks, the true sign of a mad man. Woman. Teenager. Girl-child. Nearly put grill child then! Haha, grilled child. Like in the hymn, “Holy infant so tender and mild.” What were they gonna do, eat it? “No love, he’s verra tender and no’ spicy at all!” Why is he Scottish? I could just hear a man with a strong Scottish accent talking there as I typed it, can’t you? Oh, there I go, talking to meself again! I think I’ll stop now.

Life or existence?

Can you believe it? All my life, lived endlessly under mountains of books and paper, filled with the humdrum tip-tapping of pens in ink and fingers on keys. Never ending, never beginning, always talking. Who wants to live life like that? Not me and besides, is it a life or simply an existence? Who can tell, save the Gods of course and even then who knows? Do they even care? If you were a God my dear sir, would you bother with us? Would you bother with these petty humans, mindlessly existing in a humdrum existence? Oh yes, there are great and noteworthy ones among us but these fair and few people are oppressed every day, not only by those too terrified of change to accept them but also by themselves. Imagine having a great vision, a vision which brought you to your knees and made you want to shout out from the rooftops each particular, but never sharing it with anyone but the inner spaces of your mind (and sometimes not even then) for you know that no-one will listen or, and this is far worse, that you don’t have the strength to carry it on to greatness.

Hello, bonjour, hallo… I’ve run out of languages :)

My thoughts… My thoughts are not really that awesome, so I apologise to all those- probably non-existent- people that have been mislead and are expecting deep and amazing wisdom from a hermit on a mountain… Although a hermit probably wouldn’t have an internet connection, an interest in blogging or a computer. :)

Yes, so. I need a place to put all the random and rather odd ramblings that I write really late at night when any normal person would be fast asleep. I have to post them because they are using up vital space on my computer that could be used for further random thoughts!

I might put up a couple of short stories and things and maybe even poems, although they will, if ever, go up on my poem blog or my account on Poemhunter (which you should totally check out ;) Ah, I amuse myself… No one should have to subject themselves to my poems; rather like with Vogon poetry, my poems tend to turn people even more insane than they already are.).

So, I won’t update frequently but I might update more if I get people following, hint hint… ;)

Well, bye bye for now and fare-thee-well, ‘til next time! :)